Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Sometimes all you need on a bad day....is to see pictures of pure happiness! So I want to spread the love and share some Blakers smiles to brighten your day!

Are you happy yet?! Day brighter?!

Did that do it? Do you feel happy?

Yep that did it! Bringing smiles to the faces of anyone with a bad day! That's my child's job!

Videos galore!

Since I'm awful at keeping up the blog, I thought I'd make it up with videos! Blake has been working real hard in therapy these days, we are trying to prepare for preschool. Which by the way sounds crazy...Blake and preschool?! It can't be time for that! So in order for Blakers to go to preschool and not be required to have a wheelchair he must show that he can independently use his gait trainer/walker....so we have been CONSTANTLY working on it. I'm sure he gets exhausted because....whew....it wears me out! But Zach and I hate to not push when he is so close, and we don't want him to just rely on a wheelchair because it's easier. So practice practice practice is what we do and I think we are getting pretty good at it!!

Just click the blue hyperlink to view the videos!

First steps without help from Momma, Daddy or Mimi!

This next video was the first time we took the locks off so he could turn and as you can see it's a learning process for sure!!! This is Blake trying out the gait trainer outside....a little wobbly but definitely still awesome!

And lastly a video that shows how funny and totally two Blakers can really be!! A video of Pure rotten-ness!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Music Baby

We like to play to the beat of our own drum....or pot whatever you wanna call it!

YouTube Video

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Certainly Special

Taking care of a special needs child is hard. It's frustrating, it's exhausting.

Being the parent to a special needs child brings feelings of worry, pain and constant questioning. What will be his struggles? Where will he be in 5 years? How can I prevent him from bullying?

When Blake was born we knew pretty much there was a 99% chance, after his brain bleed, that he would be diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The damage was so severe there was little to no chance that his muscle tone would not be effected. Even though we were told this in the NICU when he was officially diagnosed with cerebral palsy last year all my worries and questions came to the surface. My brain never stopping- will he, won't he, will it all be physical, will it be mental too? Our house isn't handicap capable, what about our vehicles? Question after question, thought after thought...sometimes I wish my brain would just stop and allow silence, even if only for five minutes. Five minutes without worry, without questions, without all of it. Just silence. Peace and quiet.

But alas, silence is not in my nature. So I've come up with a better idea. Acceptance! I'm a super planner so the idea of just being okay with not knowing what lies ahead of me is a sure fire way to get me flustered and provokes my searching for answers even more....but this time....at least for today I'll let it be. Let it be. If he walks great, if he doesn't that's okay to. If he can't speak fully we will find a way for him to communicate, if he takes after his momma and decides to learn to talk and then never stop....well we will come to that when we get there haha! We might have to buy daddy ear plugs! If we have to make modifications to our house or cars that's okay too. Because no matter what the disability, no matter what he is able to do and what he isn't, it doesn't take away from the fact that Blake may just be....the coolest child I know! (And we have some pretty awesome cool kiddos in our lives!)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bad Blogger of the Year

Well, it is official I am the worst blogger ever! No post since July 23rd! Unacceptable! I could use the excuse that we've been busy, or life got away from me but honestly I didn't know how many people read or kept up with it---that was until I've been scolded by a few people asking why I haven't been writing....so here goes!

First update for those of you who don't see us often or follow on Facebook- our dear baby boy got his first big big boy haircut!

Looks like a totally different child huh?

We have made the most out of this summer planning, quite spontaneously, a little impromptu vacation to Chattanooga, TN which also included stops in Nashville and to the lake! It was a much needed week of relaxation and fun!

We enjoyed the downtown riverfront and aquarium, spent some time listening to some music.

We went up high hiking at rock city, and down low 1,000 ft underground to be exact at ruby falls!

We visited nashville, and enjoyed some time in the sun at kuttawa before heading back home too.

After all the fun of vacation it's always back to work! For Blake too! We have upgraded therapy and now have speech, occupational, and physical therapies weekly! He has started to regain some of his speech that he lost before the May stent in the hospital. He babbles, and has re-developed his "da" sounds which makes Zach such a happy and proud "da-da" and he even has been saying ah-zzzzzz (our dogs name) in his own special way!

Blake was fitted and now has his leg braces to help with his walking. Because of his cerebral palsy he walks with assistance on his toes- the leg braces help to keep his toes down to give him some stability! He is doing amazing in therapy since we got them!

We will try and keep the blog updated a little better with lots of cute pics and hopefully share some new videos with everyone.
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